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Either you have no internet and this page is not saved, or it doesn't exist.

You can still visit the homepage and any previously visited urls, but the one you're asking for right now needs internet access in order to download to your device the first time, if it exists.

If it exists?

While we could work on a list of URL's, save them to your computer and check it, this is a blog so new articles are published all the time. Changing this would likely result in the need to update this file more often, which would result in the deletion of the saved pages and more bandwidth used.

The bottom line is that I don't know if the page you're looking for exists

What if pages change?

Well the way this is written, this tries to access the network first of all. If the network takes too long, or does not respond, then we try to get the page as it was when last saved. Once your network is back, and I have few enough visitors to give you an updated copy, you'll have it.

Why does it work like this?

Well, partially this saves bandwidth for visitors with modern browsers and serviceworker technology enabled. The other reason is because I believe this is the right way.