My name is Lewis Cowles. I am a Digital Architect and expert in ensuing software helps people. I help businesses use technology to engage users, automate the mundane, fix the broken, and push new features to achieve their goals.

So why should you work with me?


HTML5CSS3JavaScriptPHPMySQLPythonWordpressTwillioBigCommerceSource-ControlWebsite DesignComponent & Front-end DesignE-commerce systems design & maintenanceLinux Server AdminWindows Server AdminCloud ArchitectureDesign and managementApplication IntegrationAPI DesignAPI IntegrationWeb Application DevelopmentDevelopment PlanningOpenStackCompliance & Auditing SystemsEmbedded Systems DesignProfessional Work-flowAmazon Web Services


I have helped many businesses, ranging from the very small to the incredibly large, including public sector, government and start-ups. Recently I prefer to work with smaller businesses.

My drive is to assist in delivering positive impact on business by matching needs to technologies. For example you might have a site that has lots of traffic and is updated weekly. I could set it up so you still have a CMS, but aren't generating every page for every visit. This saves heaps of computer-time and brings down costs.

Shh don't tell anyone that didn't read this far, you just got a freebie.

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