Intro: Welcome to my website, and thank you in-advance for your interest in this page. I have tried my best to write down things people might like to know, to cover the various normal scenario’s I would imagine would result in people visiting this page. If you do have any questions not covered here, feel free to contact me.

My name is Lewis Cowles. I am a Digital Architect and expert in ensuing software helps people. I help businesses use the web and their devices from phones to IoT devices to engage users, automate the mundane, fix the broken and push new features to achieve their goals. I have helped many businesses, ranging from the very small to the incredibly large, including public sector, government and start-ups. My drive is to assist them in delivering positive impact on their business by matching their needs to technologies.

Skills: HTML5CSS3JavaScriptPHPMySQLPythonWordpressTwillioBigCommerceSource-ControlWebsite DesignComponent & Front-end DesignE-commerce systems design & maintenanceLinux Server AdminWindows Server AdminCloud ArchitectureDesign and managementApplication IntegrationAPI DesignAPI IntegrationWeb Application DevelopmentDevelopment PlanningOpenStackCompliance & Auditing SystemsEmbedded Systems DesignProfessional Work-flowAmazon Web Services

I should probably include something about why you should work with me. There are a lot of people that do that, but very few of them do what I do in the same way. I meet and work with wonderful people all the time, most of them have heaps more experience than me, even with my coming up 15 years professional experience. Rather than appeal on a specific platform I'll say this. If you were interested in following the crowd, finding the lowest prices and being like everyone else, I'm not your guy! I don't like doing one thing over-and-over, copying others, and instead prefer to automate tasks, focus on differentiation and setting you apart. The reason I own and run my own business is because the idea of working as a standard employee generally bothers me. If I'm doing a few things for the next 15 years I'll be very sad because it'll mean I'm not pushing my limits exploring and helping myself and others reach their full potential.

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