My name is Lewis Cowles. I am a Digital Architect and expert in ensuring software helps people. I help businesses use technology to engage users, automate the mundane, fix the broken, and push new features to achieve their goals.

So why should you work with me?


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I have helped many businesses, ranging from the very small to the incredibly large, including public sector, government and start-ups. Recently I prefer to work with smaller and medium size businesses up to $100M. I honestly don't think if you've not got it right at that point I'd be able to help, and you've probably got enough "yes" men.

My drive is to assist in delivering positive impact on business by matching needs to technologies, and leveraging amplification effects. If you do something once and it's worth $1000, I might not be the best fit. If you sell lots of products, average transaction is $100 or more and you need to pass through 1000+ orders per-year, let's talk.

I could deliver a system so that you're not out of pocket on staff costs to manually pass those orders to your ERP or supply-chain partners in a format they need.

The benefits are consistency, speed, the fact you don't have to inflict that drudgery on a likely minimum wage employee. In-fact my business has a product that does exactly this with a specific technology mix.

It doesn't have to be something you need the internet for. I'm privileged to come from a generation before the internet, during the digital revolution. As such, I consider myself a digital native but can apply my expertise equally as well to a VBA addon as a modular, connective web, mobile & desktop application.

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