Intro: Welcome to my website, and thank you in-advance for your interest in this page. I have tried my best to write down things people might like to know, to cover the various normal scenario’s I would imagine would result in people visiting this page. If you do have any questions not covered here, feel free to contact me.

Name: Lewis Cowles

Age: 29

Occupation: Owner, Senior Digital Architect & Innovations Consultant CODESIGN2

Skills: HTML5CSS3JavaScriptPHPMySQLPythonWordpressTwillioBigCommerceSource-ControlWebsite DesignComponent & Front-end DesignE-commerce systems design & maintenanceLinux Server AdminWindows Server AdminCloud ArchitectureDesign and managementApplication IntegrationAPI DesignAPI IntegrationWeb Application DevelopmentDevelopment PlanningOpenStackCompliance & Auditing SystemsEmbedded Systems DesignProfessional Work-flowAmazon Web Services

Hobbies: IT, Music, Travel, Photography, Movies, Games, Design, Good Books, DIY, Automation

Blurb: I <3 Automation, I <3 Communication, and I do not like doing things poorly, or without thought. I studied Multimedia Systems Design at Anglia Ruskin University, where I was part-time media communications officer, class-ambassador and student; studying under some fantastic lecturers, some of which are no longer with us.

By the time I went to University; I had already been professionally building websites, traditional applications and web-applications using PHP & MySQL, and ASP.NET with Access and SQL server back-ends, which included work on forums, websites, e-commerce front-ends, content and data-mining, Flash websites and presentations (sorry to the internet on that last one).

I am incredibly passionate, and sometimes I do get overly excited, and attached to details; because unlike some people; I am very passionate about what I do, my clients and the industries & technologies I am involved in, and achieving results, which can require this level to detail.

I prefer to program solutions to problems that are recurring, but also use a pragmatic, cost-driven approach to service-delivery, application design, and I prefer to sandbox each project under a service-oriented architecture that allows for scalability and separation of costs and responsibilities. This enables me to often exceed initially stated goals, but ensures that should it be beyond reasonable to undertake a task without a project or service, one can be provisioned to meet the new need.

Since starting out with a non-formal education in what I do, you might notice I use less buzz-words, I don’t jump on band-wagons or get caught up in hyperbole about XYZ technology, which will “fix everything ever”, and has “no drawbacks”. Sadly these are not real solutions, and in my experience and opinion, lead to more problems. My clients have found that this measured approach to risk, and my keenness to support and implement compliant software, often helps to get the job done, in an easy to manage and maintain system, with many of my systems enjoying years of life in businesses growing from 100’s or 1000’s or records, to millions and beyond.

All my work is primarily designed and architect by me, with some programming outsourced to a list of preferred contractors, many of which I have worked with for years. As with an orchestra, I find it helps to have a single overseer per-project, to bring the overall composition of smaller parts and minutia, contributing to the project together.

Throughout 2015 I have continued to target quality as my main motivator, as only high-quality solutions can target problems for highly-valued clients, partners and stakeholders. I Hope you enjoy my site, bear in mind it is personal, and not entirely work-related, and look forward to any potential collaboration.