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Starting afresh
Passion for blogging reignited
Fighting with software
Holistic system design
Heroku button = painless deploys
Know what you want to change
Importing data
Unhappy at work
Controlling your software surface area
Scalable systems
Your value-add is variable
World hunger 2019 update
Ground rules of computing
Unintuitive aspects of computing
Isolating complexity
Have you turned it off and on again?
IndieWeb Brighton 2019 remote
IndieWeb Microformats blog adjustments
Effort and marketing
Commoditising the technology market
How this blog manages OfflineFirst
What is the outer context?
It's better to know a little, well
Why did you do that?
Filing bugs
Infrastructure as code
TDD as the only way to be
Wanting to change the world
What you need to know about metadata
Can't sleep
Describing context in hypermedia systems
The meanings of words
Mobile web-views; the non-obvious considerations
Computer compatibility and the web
Keep on keeping on
Supporting Diversity
Countably infinite problems
Helping people
Essex Web Devs meet Derick Rethans about PHP 7.4
I am Loving Golang tooling
He's not as smart as he thinks
How to ask for help... the frustrating way
Facebook Can't HTML
Please do not reply to this important email
Bread as code
- Feature flags
Learning can be a painful experience
Interesting SqlAlchemy Python code
NVM on a Raspberry Pi 4 64-bit
Mobile Keyboard Complexity
Python testing with pytest. Some quick tips
- ARGS and ENV
TypeScript is rather lovely
Meet pup