Dealing with toxic people

We all know that one person, that clique, or larger group of people, we don’t feel comfortable being around. It’s terrible that as adults, we still are not granted the freedom that we promised ourselves when we were kids; but partially, it’s self protection. We all want to be happy, even people who are cannot be described with words fit for grandmothers ears. I wanted to write something that explores that, dealing with it, as it’s not something best expressed in 144 characters, and certainly not tea-time conversation.


Self-belief and Evaluating others

So today I’ve had the best Saturday! I got to lay in, I spent time with my amazing wife, did some shopping and visited family. In my family on both my side, and my wife’s, is an entrepreneur zeal, and passion that is strong; and at the very least I know anyone that met them would agree aspirations of talent, and skill are buzzing. I’m not singling out my family in this, as I am sure anyone reading this will feel positively towards those around those they visit during time-off, as well as those they work with. It just so happens that I got into one of my conversations around how to deliver premium service to my brother-in-law, who is a very talented and up-and-coming engineer, who is finally making leaps and strides in his career in mechanical and electrical engineering, and innovation; so I thought I’d share some of what we discussed on here.


Focusing on processes in pursuit of Excellence

In 2012 I started work on a project for a business that used process-flows religiously, for almost every aspect of their operations. Although quirky, and unfamiliarly abstract in the context they were being used, I swiftly learned the business-case for documenting, understanding and improving / iterating on business processes using these diagrams, which if done correctly; can be used to analyse, predict and prevent problems, and demonstrate what really makes two businesses different without marketing, double-talk, or implementation details.


Moving From WordPress

For the longest time, I resisted the urge to use WordPress, or any of the PHP CMS systems. I, like many others; had developed my own systems, and processes, patterns, and procedures; that fitted the needs of my customers, my own self-taught development style; sped up my work, and allowed me to deliver to spec, with focus on quality, the online presence and marketing people wanted.

The problem with all these CMS systems, I’d tell myself, was they were all vying to become the de-facto standard for a problem domain that was HUGE. Everything they pushed, all seemed so directionless, and wanted to support every use-case possible. As a sole-trader, self-taught from school, who didn’t just design websites, but focused on managing online communication and integrating with marketing efforts, & post-launch, fulfilling a business case; I have to admit, I didn’t see the point in a one-size fits all approach.

I Commend the ambition, and skills, some of the research and knowledge that has come from this one-stop-shop attitude; but I do have to wonder where it is all leading… A Nirvana, or some grey-goo, bland existence, where price is the sole differentiator, and we all rush loudly blogging to the bottom of the barrell, occupied by platform consultants; in some post-blogging, post-human, platform-driven, sales nightmare.


Using SVG In WordPress!


So it’s 2015, devices are coming thick and fast, with a variety of pixel densities, and screen resolutions; nobody is at all tolerant of pixels appearing in all but the most niche of media. Recently I decided to start authoring vector content again; I want this site to use mainly vector images, as I can draw them, produce my own content and know that one image will work on a variety of devices. I converted all my logo’s to SVG, and when done I attemped to upload them to my WordPress.

The problem

So it didn’t take long for head-scratching to ensue. WordPress told me it did not support my upload type, so I decided to do a bit of googling. After a quick search, I found a source I trust (sadly I rarely visit sources I don’t trust, regardless of position, as long as a source I know exists on page #1 of google, I’ll visit that first). CSS-Tricks had a great article on just this subject, but after some reading, it seemed the whole WP community was struggling, as this basic file format, was not polished when retro-fitted to WordPress.