Non-schema migrations

Following from yesterday, my first dedicated webmention on this site; I decided to follow some links on Jason Fleetwood-Bold blog.
It seems I've found at least a partial kindred spirit in an approach to migrations, designed to lower downtime and mitigate software delivery risk.
The crux is that altering migrations, which Jason bundles into the super-set of Schema migrations; give a risk of downtime.
Testing out the schema locally, may miss errors, unless you are in the fortunate position of running from production data; which in itself seems risky.
Particularly if a system has different data in production or staging, you might have duplicates you've later disallowed; you may truncate a datetime; or round some decimals by accident.
I'll be linking this to the team I'm leaving this week to see if it might improve their software delivery; and perhaps they will sponsor Jason project, even if in a minor way. Leave a comment, or follow up via webmention. Be kind and helpful.

By Lewis Cowles